The MagicPie "2" is Currently the Most Advanced
     E-bike Conversion Kit for the Price!

DEMO always available.

"NEW"; External Controller for Magic Pie;
for heavier loads using 36v or 48v Battery.
Dissipates Heat better than Internal Controller.
Same Price as Internal Controller!!!

The controller built into the hub motor. The main advantage is an easier
to assemble kit that looks    cleaner  when you are finished. The Magic Pie
is also made with more magnets for more low end power and just a little less
top speed.  The Magic Pie comes in a cast AL 16" wheel or traditional spokes
and double wall rim for 26", 700C, and 28" kits. The Magic Pie has a thinner
housing, making it easier to install (front or rear). It also has quick disconnect
cables to make tire repair easier & faster.

Magic Pie "2" Hub Motor Kits $399  
FRONT Kit $399 or REAR Kit $429
Extra cost for Battery & FreeWheel.

Magic Pie Conversion Kits Includes:
- Maintenance free Controller is built into the Motor (less cables & a cleaner look).
- Accepts voltages  36v (approx 500-600 watts, 48v approx 1000 watts).
- Thumb or Twist Throttle.
- Cruise control.
- Brake levers with Regen-Braking and Power Cut off control.
- Handlebar grips.
- All Magic Pie Hub Motors can take Disc Brakes.
- Rear Magic Pie Motors take a six speed freewheel.
- Improved Torque for climbing.
- Quick & Easy Conversion.
- Manufacturer’s Warranty for one year.

Magic Pie FRONT or REAR Brushless Hub Motor Kit
Available Sizes: 16”, 18", 20", 24", 26”, 700C, 28”
Retail Price: $399
Installation $100
FreeWheel 11-30T, 7 Speed $30
Determining the wheel size, do not measure the wheel. Instead, check the tire on your bike.
The size should be   molded or printed and should read something like 26  X 1.75  
This means that your bike has 26 inch wheels.
Note: Please place the tire size in the comments area of PayPal.  

Warranty Policy
We guarantee that the Kit will work out of the box. Any defective parts upon delivery will be
replaced under warranty.  Save boxes for 14 days, Pay for return shipping, but first ask for a
Return Authorization # (RA#) .   Please report any shipping damage immediately as damage must
be claimed through carrier.  

Golden Motor Lithium Manganese Batteries;
Aluminium Casing with Switch/Key
BMS and 110V-240Vac 2A Universal Charger Included (optional 4A)
Weight: below 5.5Kgs
Capacities: 24V/16AH, 36V/12AH, 36V/16AH, or 48V/12AH
Max Discharge Current: 35A(12AH)/60A(16AH)
Max Continuous Discharge Current: 20A(12AH)/30A(16AH)
Charging Cycles: >800 times
Ranges(full electric mode): 45Km(36V12AH) or 60Km(36V16AH, 48V12AH)
Packing Box Dimensions: 24cm X 24cm X 39cm

36V 16AH Li-Mn Battery and Charger $520.00
48V 12AH Li-Mn Battery and Charger $520.00
Manufacturer’s Warranty is one year for Lithium Batteries.
Battery Shipping is $20

PING LiFePo4 Batteries can also be used with these Kits

Rear Battery Racks
RAK 001 includes mounting plate for battery:  $45 (shipping ($20)
RAK 002 seat post rack + mounting plate:       $45 (shipping ($20)

Conversion Kit SHIPPING to Lower 48 States is $29
Alaska & Hawaii add $50 for freight.

Please Note; I have a 100% Feed Back Rating!
Thank you for Looking.

Patrick Winston
Dual Motor  
"Magic Pie"E-bike
20-25 mph
Kick Bike
User Manual
Installation Manual
FreeWheels $20-$35  
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Please call or email for Invoice or Payment
    (619) 216-8572
w/Battery Mounting Plate
26in/700C Rear RACK  $45
w/Battery Mounting Plate
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1781 Hampton Ct, Bonita Ca 91902
Authorized Golden Motor Dealer
Battery Isolation Switch
50A Marine $15
For Batteries without an
ON/OFF Switch
Eliminates the Spark